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The Ideal 2013 Road to WrestleMania


 The Road to WrestleMania for 2013 is about to start, and with the Royal Rumble right around the corner the rumor mill and speculation is starting to ramp up. Take a look at our thoughts and what we'd like to happen in the build-up to this year's WrestleMania. 

Hey There Wrestling Fans,

Here we are just weeks away from the 2013 Royal Rumble, which means that we're just about to start our journey into WrestleMania season. So far the only thing we know for sure about the Royal Rumble is that we will see the first time encounter of CM Punk vs. The Rock. Other than that all we know for sure that's going to take place (as of now) is the Rumble match itself. Now, being the kind of fan that always tries to find out any details I can for major PPV's and events in the WWE "Universe" I've done some reading on a few dirtsheets, and thus far the consensus is that The Rock will be taking the WWE Title away from CM Punk on January 27th. Personally, I'm hoping that this doesn't happen as I think they could really use CM Punk's current title reign as a huge part of this year's Road To WrestleMania, but I'll get into this Royal Rumble main event in a bit on a different entry.

The Royal Rumble itself is one of the most exciting PPV's of the year as it has been the host to the most unpredictable match of all, The 30 man Royal Rumble.  As always the Rumble is where I expect a few returns as well as some surprise appearances by a few veterans. A few returns I'm expecting to see this year would first be the more obvious return of Brock Lesnar. It's been since this past year's SummerSlam that we've seen Lesnar in a WWE ring and I have a pretty good feeling that he'll be bringing the pain to this years event as a "surprise entrant." A few other notable returns I believe we'll see include a few other established names such as Mark Henry and the Undertaker. Some other, more unlikely, picks for returns are Shelton Benjamin, MVP, and maybe even John Morrison.

As for results from The Royal Rumble to kick off this year's Road to WrestleMania, here's what I would WANT to happen given the current storylines and situations. First off, my pick(s) for the winner of the Rumble match. 1) If Dolph Ziggler does not cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase by or during the PPV, then I fully believe he should win the Rumble match. This could lead to some very interesting and new material for a tease at unifying the World Heavyweight and WWE titles. Let's say Ziggler won the Rumble match and earned a title shot at WrestleMania and chose to challenge the WWE Champion while still having the Money in the Bank contract for the World Heavyweight title. Ziggler cashes in at Elimation Chamber to become the World Heavyweight Champion while still having his title opportunity for the WWE title at WrestleMania... Just some food for thought. 2) From what I've read it seems like the WWE are really looking to push Wade Barrett to the next level and become a main eventer. What better way than to win the Royal Rumble and main event the biggest show of them all? 3) A bit of a wild card, but I think it would be a nice surprise to the crowd to have Antonio Cesaro get the win and be the last man standing in the ring come Royal Rumble.

For the main event, Rock vs. CM Punk, I would like to see CM Punk walk away still your WWE Champion. Seeing that the WWE most likely don't want the Rock to lose cleanly to Punk, if at all, then this would also be a good opportunity to bring Brock Lesnar back into the Main Event picture heading into WrestleMania. He's already on the promo poster for WrestleMania, so why not? Here I would like to see Lesnar interfere and cost the Rock the title and help see that Punk retains. From there the WWE could do one of two things: They could either set up a triple threat match at WrestleMania seeing CM Punk vs. The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar, but that most likely won't happen since John Cena isn't included in that scenario. Option two could be having Rock vs. Brock II at WrestleMania and also have a second main event with John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE title in the main event slot. This second scenario would make the most sense to me seeing as CM Punk and John Cena are pretty much this era's Rock and Austin.

As for what I think is actually going to happen this year: It pretty much looks like The Rock will be winning the title off CM Punk at the Rumble and if John Cena isn't in a match of his own, he's most likely going to be winning the Royal Rumble which will make me try to pick up my bolted down chair and throw it across the arena (side note: yes, we will be attending this year's Royal Rumble). Also, I'm a bit fearful of what they might do, or not do, with Dolph Ziggler as this wouldn't be the first time they made it seem like he was going to get a good push and then did something to completely take away any momentum he gained.

So you may have noticed I skipped any predictions or thoughts about The Elimination Chamber, but to be honest, I've never been a big fan of any of the PPV's that have taken place between the Rumble and WrestleMania... especially a gimmick PPV such as Elimination Chamber. I would also take a stab at what could happen in the midcard scene, but these days the WWE never really seem to know what to do with their midcard storylines at this point in the year and usually just put in a bunch of filler.

That's it for this addition to the blog. Let me know your thoughts and comment below, and keep your eyes out for more entries soon!


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