Sunday, January 6, 2013

RAW 20th Anniversary show has GOT to be big

 Monday Night Raw's 20th Anniversary is just a little over a week away. With the flagship show of the WWE reaching this monumental feat, this is their chance to get the fans talking and gain some major momentum for the Road to WrestleMania. Take a look at 209 Wrestling's PM Crunk thoughts heading into the big show.

PM Crunk see what I did there?

This is my first column here and I am going to go ahead and jump in and say....

WWE had better make their 20th anniversary show special. 

They have to. With the recent ratings blunder hitting a 15 year low, it's time to get into the swing of things and really start the 'Road to Wrestlemania'. INTRIGUE ME DAMNIT!

The show on the 14th has got to be great. It's a huge milestone; 20 years. Think about that for a second. I was 7 years old. A lot of you were not even born. How many shows have the staying power to last 20 years? Few and far between.

I expect Stone Cold Steve Austin to return. The show is in his home state of Texas, so it's almost a guarantee. But I really hope the begin to plant the seeds for something bigger for Austin. I really hope that he has SOME type of interaction with Punk. That is a big money match the WWE has got to make happen for next year's Wrestlemania. It's too big of a show for him not to be there. So go ahead and assume the Texas Rattlesnake is coming to Raw to hopefully open a few cans of whoop ass.

I also expect The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels to make a return to TV. I've got a feeling we'll see who Taker's potential opponent for Wrestlemaina is at this show. Be on the look out for the foreshadowing. It's going to be interesting to see who Taker is going to wrestle this year. And that, is a good thing. It's not predictable.

This show will be full of hints for Wrestlemaina. I have absolutely no interest in watching Wrestlemania if it's going to full of matches I've already seen. I don't want to see HHH and Brock and I sure as hell do not want to see Cena vs Rock II (although I did enjoy their match last year.). I hope to see some freshness come out of this show. The focus should be on the upcoming feuds. Expect the following to have big nights; Ziggler, Ryback, Daniel Bryan and of course The Shield.

WWE has a chance to get people talking. Make them talk, Vince.

Crunk, out.

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