Friday, January 4, 2013

Breakout Star of 2013: Antonio Cesaro


Antonio Cesaro is on his way to become one of the WWE's most prominent and promising Superstars heading into 2013. Where will the year take him and what's his potential? 

Antonio Cesaro is on the brink to being one of the most influential wrestlers of the new year. WWE has finally started booking him correctly and over the last few weeks we have seen him use his brute force to dead-lift huge opponents. 

Antonio is currently the US. Champion which is very entertaining considering that he is a foreign superstar.  It is somewhat fitting currently because of his heel run in WWE. He uses the belt to insult the crowds every week in five different languages.
Cesaro won the US. Title back at Summerslam from  Santino Marella. Looking back it is very hard to believe that Marella had the the belt for as long as he did. Marella was mostly just a gimmick champion when he had the belt. 

If we compare the finisher of Marella, which was the Cobra, and Cesaro's Neutralizer; we can see the severe difference in the two champions. Cesaro has made the US title relevant again in today's ring. 

Cesaro just dead-lifted The Great Khali, and Neutralized him. Before that it was Brotus Clay and others. 

I could easily see Cesaro as a tag champion, or the Intercontinental champion, even the WWE Champ given some time. He is very strong in the ring and is always testing himself with different moves and opponents. It is hard for me to imagine any superstar on the roster right now that could give Cesaro some true competition. Wade Barret comes to mind, but with his new push for the IC belt, that wont happen. 

This could be a great time for the WWE to have a unified championship belt for the IC. & US. Title's. The matches that Barret and Cesaro could produce together would be of epic proportions.  

I wouldn't mind seeing the two of them keep both of their belts and make a run at the tag belts as well. Both superstars are doing great with the crowd as heels and both have superb wrestling skills.

This could just be one of my far-fetched ideas, but could you imagine that tag team run? The US and IC title in the tag-team. The could dominate the World if the belts were any indication. What are your thoughts? Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

Signed- Twitchy Turnbuckle

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