Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Awesome things WWE can do to improve its ratings for 2013.


Over the last 10 years the WWE has been on a steady decline in ratings and interest. What can the WWE do to improve their product and get back to the successful heights they reached in the late 90's and early 2000's? We have just a few simple suggestions. 

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Improve story line and add depth

I am not sure how many times I found myself falling asleep every time Vicky came out to the ring to talk about AJ and Cena 'scandal'. WWE tried to portray an affair of some sort, but they were just both two single people who were starting to date. Where is the scandal? It went on for weeks and weeks, each time clawing for the remote to skip as fast as I could when I would here that wretched women, “EXCUSSSEEE MEEE.”

There was a lot that WWE could do to help improve the direction of that story line. I think it would been awesome if they would have just left AJ with CM Punk when they and that route going on, but instead they made her switch partners more times than Kim Kardashian and a rich black man. I mean really, she had depth with CM Punk and was a great chance for him and her to dominate both divisions in the WWE. If they would have let AJ win the Diva's competition while Punk dominated the WWE Championship, I would have stay tuned much longer than skipping ahead of those Cena AJ clips. NO BODY CARES ABOUT THAT.

Another idea is to give some real story lines to the mid card. They could do much more with their current talent by allowing the feuds to mean much more than a one month long battle. Have them face each other much more often and interfere in each others matches.

Each wrestler battles the same top guy over and over. I think that their should be some shades of mystery to each week. Normally it is more predictable than when I watch the Oakland Raiders every week hoping for some sort of change. Lets see some TLC matches on Raw every once in a while or a Iron Man match with Dolph and Bryan. Every match does not need to be a singles competition, or only a tag team. Lets see some old school tornado tag or a triple threat with no interruptions.

 Stop with the John Cena Parading

Cena is the most overrated superstar of all time. He is handed everything, and seems to dominate with his three power moves and combination of tackles. The five knuckle shuffle is as useless as the peoples elbow, and is used as nothing more than for a crowed reaction. Seriously, he gets a title match every single PPV no matter what he does. He can lose for weeks on end, get booed off stage, and have terrible mic skills, but still gets a shot. Every time Vinny comes out to name a twist in that nights match we always know that its going to be Cena. Enough already. 

Give the other guys a chance

Dolph Ziggler has proved this entire year that he is one of the best wrestlers and main eventer's on the card. He still constantly loses to the one hit wonders of Randy Orton and Cena. If Dolph was given the chance to prove himself each show would me much more interesting.

Many Mid-carders get a great crowd reaction and have strong personalities. But they constantly get buried to other 'stuperstars' that have the biggest kiss ass lips in the company. Brotus clay is a terrible wrestler, but he wins against almost of his opponents just because of his gimmick. 

- Twitchy Turnbuckle

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