Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Royal Rumble Predictions


The 2013 Royal Rumble is just weeks away and seeing as this is the most unpredictable and exciting PPV of the year, it's that time of the year to start making our predictions and hopes for this year's event known. 

The 2013 Royal Rumble is right around the corner set for the date of January 27th in Phoenix Arizona. The Royal Rumble is one of the biggest paper-views of the entire year and this one should be no different. The WWE really has a chance to do some amazing things this year with The Rock already headlining the main event. Not only will the Rock be an amazing draw, but the Royal Rumble match itself has proven to be one of the most hyped matches of the year. With 30 superstars set to engage in pure mayhem of over the top intensity. The winner gets a shot at the title at Wrestlemania in the main event!

My prediction is that the Rock will take the title from Punk at the end of this month because of how big The Rock is outside of the ring. It is a little unfortunate to me that he can just come back and win a title without being relevant to wrestling in years other than a couple matches here and there. Punk deserves to have the main event at Wrestlemania, but with The Rock and John Cena looming in the background, I feel that this situation in inevitable.

Rock and Cena

With the prediction of having the Rock take the title at rumble. It leads me to think that Cena will also win the Rumble. It has been stated that Cena will for surely be partaking in the Rumble. I feel like if the Rock does win the belt, it is for sure that Cena will win the Rumble. If for some reason Punk can beat the Rock (he is the best in the world after all) then there could be a different outcome to the winner of the Rumble. The thought of Rock vs Cena for the title at Wrestlemania sure is intriguing, but I just feel like there can be such better matches.

What I would like to see

I am a huge Punk fan, so with that in mind. He should be the one to come out on top against the Rock. The Rock just does not deserve to come back for one match a year and win the belt. It gives it no meaning, and shows that it can change person despite them being away for a year at a time. 

If the Rock has to win the belt, I absolutely do NOT want to see Cena win the Rumble. It would be great to have Brock Lesnar show up and with the Rumble, setting up for a great match with the Rock at Wrestlmania. Any combination of Lesnar, Undertaker, Rock, Punk and Cena will be a great match. I just do not want another re-do. We have already seen Rock vs. Cena, and I just do not want to see that again. I would not mind seeing Lesnar win the Rumble, and have Punk win his match, while having Undertaker challenge the Rock, setting up for a perfect fatal 4 way at Wrestlemania. Could you imagine that match? Punk vs. Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Lesnar vs. Cena. (Minus any one of them) for the Belt? It would be insane. 
CM Punk

Guest Entrants I would like to see

Brock Lesnar: Brock would be a great contestant to have in the Rumble. He has not been seen since the Raw after Summerslam, but still has appearances left on his contract. This makes me think that he will be in the Rumble. His feud with Cena was amazing and the match he had with him was one of the best that I have seen in a long time. A bloody mess, and the fight with in them both was amazing. There was more heart and hate in that one match then all of Rocky vs. Cena. 

Undertaker: Even though I know this will probably never happen because of the fact that he has done everything, it would still be amazing to have the Undertaker appear in the Rumble and woop some a$$ dead man style. 

There are a couple other stars rumored to come back, but not to excited personally. Those entrants are said to be Christian, Shelton Benjiman, and John Morrison. 

Who I would like to see win the Royal Rumble

Ziggler: Dolph is one of the best wrestlers in the business right now. He is often overshadowed by the super sayan stars of the WWE. But given the chance, I think he prove to be one of the best champions in a very long time. He has the ability to win the Rumble, so why not have him cash in his Money in The Bank and win the title, and win the Rumble setting up for a great Wresltlemania match. 

Daniel Bryan: Bryan is also one of the greatest wrestlers in the WWE right now. He has proved that he can be dominate in the ring with multiple opponents. I was disappointed in his last title reign, and feel that it was taken from him way to quickly. Given the chance, Bryan would make a great WWE Champ, and hey why not have Kane with the World title. Give the tag champs more gold and make for some great plots to unfold. Q9F336NM7TVX

- Twitchy Turnbuckle

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